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Men’s Hockey Club Searching For New Head Coach

The Syracuse University Men’s Hockey Club is looking for candidates to be the program’s next head coach. Despite not playing this past season due to the pandemic, the Club has continued to succeed both on and off the ice.

The next head coach must be experienced, enthusiastic, and prepared to uphold the winning standard of the Club. The Club needs a candidate who understands its distinct and competitive culture that has been built and solidified through the years. It is also imperative that this person is ready to welcome the challenges that come with coaching this hockey team: In one of the best club hockey leagues in the country, the program only has a $30,000 budget to allocate for its coaching staff.

The Men’s Hockey Club prides itself on the tens of thousands of dollars it has raised for charity. Its upstanding relationship with the local community and various off-ice activities are valued equally to its wins on the ice. Being a well-experienced hockey coach won’t be enough. The Club agrees that it will not compromise its upstanding culture and reputation for merely its results on the ice. The next head coach must be a leader of young men first, a hockey coach second.

Please send all inquiries using the link below

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